Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SIMPLE TREASURES usually come in small packages

Simple treasures.

I often think of simple treasures as those thought-felt gifts, items not given for practicality, but for a purpose.


In the midst of the upcoming festivities we may miss the true spirit of the holidays in favor of stress related duties, including shopping. And though I frankly admit that setting up a booth and preparing for a book sale creates a bit of stress, you also need to know how terribly exciting this particular experience is for me. 

Allow me to share a little about what I'll be doing a couple of weeks from now.

Come and have some fun!
Last year I had a booth at this boutique and had a wonderful time selling books. I met some great writers and readers; you could say I felt the spirit of Christmas during these four days.

This year I will also have a booth space, and I would love for you to join me. FREE gifts is a definite. And I will have two new books to share with you.

If you have to shop, (and what shopper during the holidays doesn't have to?) consider coming to the Simple Treasure Holiday Boutique in Farmington and getting some of your heartfelt shopping done.

I hope to see you.

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