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If you haven't picked up a copy of The Feast yet, these two reviews (my first complete reviews in the realm of Amazon) should help you decide.

As an author, you are always looking for great reviews that reveal your book in a unique way, and such was the case with the review by Warren Thurston of Australia. You are also happy to see a review that your book has changed some ones life: such was the case with the review by Mike Nach, a writer and reviewer I met at a recent conference.

And so I place them before you today.

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones has created an amazing book about marriage, commitment and God. Virginia and Richard Green live in a childless union. They tried for five years to bring a child into the world, now all between them has broken down.

In the beginning the couple felt a strong commitment to each other as the flood of love washed over them. They thought their love for each other and for God would carry them through all of life's troubles. But doubt had crept in about their love and of God's commitment to them.

Both Richard and Virginia thought that God had abandoned them. Why? Neither could fathom the reason. What they didn't realize was they had cut themselves off from God. Wrapped in their perceived pursuit of happiness, they had unknowingly ex-communicated themselves from their creator. But God had not abandoned the couple and through patience and love, guides them back to him and their true selves.

Readers of this book will have no trouble in empathizing with Virginia and Richard. The characters have all the positive and negative characteristics of the human condition. Kathryn Elizabeth Jones shows a valued insight into what makes a successful marriage. Her writing style is easy to follow and a joy to explore her view of the world through the books characters.

The Feast is a book that manages to both instruct and entertain. I found the book thought provoking and a pleasure to read. I thoroughly recommend it to all those readers looking for a book of quality, one that is worth the effort to purchase and read.

The guide at the end of the book is an excellent reference that contains a wealth of wisdom.

Too many books today are poorly written in the telling style and lack substance. The Feast is not one of those. It's a book which I'm sure makes the author proud and is a worthwhile addition to the works of Kathryn Elizabeth Jones.

W.A. Thurston

In Kathryn's earlier book "In Conquering Your Goliaths & Parable of the Five Stones", Ms. Virginia Bean comes in contact with God and the five stones-Listening, Trust, Optimism, Tenacity and Constancy. These stones helped her to learn about herself, her relationship with God and others.
In this book, we learn that she and her husband of five years, Richard, are drifting apart. Reason-they are childless! These nagging problems have made Virginia dejected and lose her faith in God and the five stones.

But, God works in mysterious ways! Very soon, He, a little child and a cupcake with a ring on it manifest to play an important role in their lives. How? Read the book!

I must confess that this book has renewed my faith in God. We must accept what He has store for us to find peace in our life. I have read the last chapter "The Feast- A Spiritual Guide" over and over again. It contains advice which is applicable for everyone.
Thanks, Kathryn, for this wonderful book!

Mike Nach

You can purchase The Feast: A Parable of the Ring, through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but you can also get the book from me. Same price, and you'll also receive an autographed copy.

If you can't make it to my signing on Saturday, take a peek at my book online. After you've read The Feast, I would love to hear from you.

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