Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Getting Unstuck: When Writing Just Doesn't Interest You

I have had a couple of challenging days, and with challenges comes an opportunities for me to either reach out or hold back.

Truth be told, I usually hold back when I've been challenged. It's sort of my protection mode, my way of slinking into myself so that I will no longer feel the hurt or pain.

Only it doesn't work.

And I don't want to write. I'd rather withdraw from the world, Keep to myself like a hermit crab on the shore of a great ocean.

Oh, the ocean!

It is right there, but I am in hiding and don't see it.

Have you ever been stuck in your writing? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I will never write again. I can't." Have you ever thought that writing was just too hard, too revealing, too... terrifying?

Take a peek. Just a little one out of  your shell. See the water? She how it ebbs and flows? See the blueness? The seagulls? See the sand, the glorious sand?

Come on, you can do it. Today, I'm taking my first step out into the water, too.

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