Monday, May 30, 2016

CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Lilith from The Unwilling, The Penitent and The Prophecy

I have decided to interview Lilith from The  Children of Lilith series. Put your seat belt on, you're up for a bit of a creepy ride! 

WARNING: You may decide to read this here before delving into the interview :)

Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope to achieve, etc.)

I am Lilith.  I am… perfection.  I am the granddaughter of Adam and Eve, daughter of Cain.  I am what Eve should have been.  I am beauty and desire and hunger and seduction.  I am power and glory and majesty.  I am the Queen. 

I have lived many, many places in this world, yes, but I am always drawn back to this place… to the First Place.  For millennia, after Great-Grandfather tried… and failed… to drown me and my Children… Oh, He drowned all my beautiful Children, but He did not kill me… For millennia, I was separated from the First Place, separated by the great waters, but I eventually found my way back home.  Yes, Kansas City, as you call it now, is not precisely the First Place, but I do require… comforts… comforts and, of course… <smiles> people.  And Kansas City is the closest source of these, at least in the abundance I require.  There is, of course, my Court to consider as well.  They also require… people. 

What do I look like?  One has but to look at me, and one will see female perfection, all that one has ever desired, ever lusted after, ever wanted to have or to be.  To some, I will resemble their wife or their mother or their first grade teacher.  Only no other woman was ever so perfect, so irresistible, so… female as I.  If you desire a blonde, I will be your ultimate blonde goddess.  If you hunger for a redhead with green eyes, I will drive you mad with desire.  If you lust after a brunette with doe-brown eyes, you would sell your soul for one kiss. 

What do I want?  I already have all I desire.  I have you, do I not? 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

What does anyone do in their spare time?  They seek after pleasure and sustenance.  I can find both… in you.  And after we have slaked our thirst for love, I will drain the life from you.  And you will worship me, moaning my name as I consume you. 
And if I ever tire of that, I twiddle the marionette strings of governments around the world.  My reach is… extensive. 

What is your favorite color and why? 

<raises a perfect eyebrow>  Crimson, for it is the color of life eternal.

What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite? 

<licks her lips>  You.  Because I love you… and the life within you. 

What would you say is your biggest quirk? 

Quirk?  I have no quirks.  I am a goddess.  How dare you even question my perfection? 

What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why? Share a line in the book where this irk is manifested. 

Carl… resists me.  He defies me.  That… does… not… happen. 
The vampire Queen’s face is twisted in fury. “You dare defy me? You will suffer as no one has ever suffered in all the world! I will see to that. I’ll kill your whore of a wife in front of you and then I’ll . . .”

What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?

Why, you, my pet.  I love you.  I will take you to me and you shall know love and pleasure such as you have never known, have never dreamed.  And perhaps… I will not consume you after all.  Perhaps I shall Convert you, and you shall be my Child for all eternity.  Perhaps, in time… and would we not have all of eternity?  Perhaps I shall make you one of my Masters.  Male or female, it matters not.  I love all my Children equally, and those who serve me faithfully shall be amply rewarded.  We shall love and Hunt together in all the nights to come. 

What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit? 

I… failed once.  Just once.  But I was young then, and he has been dead… dead and dust for more than five millennia.  Do not believe Father’s promises.  There is no eternal life… except mine. 
But I survived.  And I shall never fail again. 

If you could tell your writer (creator) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be? 

Ooh.  <smiles sweetly>  I know… how to destroy Great-Grandfather.  Yes, if my writer would join with me, I would make him First Husband, and together we could defy and vanquish even God. 

Ask me any question. I've always wanted to know what a character thinks about writers like myself. I'll answer the question at the end of this interview. 

Tell me about… <licks her lips> your family…Thank you, sweet Kathryn.  It has been my very great pleasure to meet you.  I will come to know all about you. 
And then you shall worship me. 

Perhaps I'll hold off on answering that one <smiles>


Discover how the writer, C. David Belt, felt about allowing his character to do this interview, here. Learn more about Lilith (if you dare) at the following site:

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