Thursday, April 11, 2019

I'm Still Alive

If you're wondering where I've been, let's just say my mind has been on other things.

Some have asked me, "Where are your author interviews?"

And I really don't have an answer.

I've had a few authors contact me for interviews, and I've sent along the questions for them to answer, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

I suppose in every life (mine included) a person does a bit of shifting. And I suppose that's what's been happening here - some shifting.

I wanted you to know, however, that I'm still here; I'm still breathing in and out. I'm still writing and editing and speaking to writers. And I'm managing to sell a few books in the process.

But don't be surprised if a book I've never discussed here before, suddenly shows up - I'm currently writing nonfiction... and don't be surprised if a little more waiting is going to be required for my two installments, "LightDescending," and "Slipped Up".

They may just have to wait.

If I sound tired and a bit depressed, you've got the first one right. And in order to ward off the second, I'm going to switch gears for awhile.

I hope you don't mind. And I also hope that you stick with me, lemons and all.