Monday, May 5, 2014

What It Means When You Don't Want to Write

Ever NOT feel like writing? Then you have one or more of the following ailments:

1. It's Monday, and you still want to celebrate the weekend.

2. You think writing has to be inspired, ALWAYS.

3. You don't FEEL like it. This is a different ailment from #2, because in this case you just would rather do something else, anything else.

4. You need a vacation. Or a break. Or something that takes you away, even if the time away is for only a short time.

5. You have too much going in your life or feel as if you've got too much going in your life. Your brain doesn't know the difference.

But the good news is, you do!

Knowing you are a writer, is only the first step. The second step moves you forward, no matter the mud or sloshing around of your brain. It's really EASY to make up excuses for why you're not writing, far HARDER to just sit down and write.

So Write!

Have a great day!


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