Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What's Up? Answering the Big Questions About Your Writing

Can you be successful at baseball without practicing?

What do you want?

Have you ever thought about that question in relation to writing?

I have. And the results are profound.

I don't want to just write for me and all the happiness it gives me, I want to write for others. But I don't want to write about just anything, I want to write something meaningful, and, at the very least, I want to write for fun. Because of this, I don't write particular genres though you can be assured that I write various genres to keep my mind hopping.

Some say writers should write in only one genre. That he/she should focus on that, and when they don't they should come up with a pen name.

I don't agree.
Where does success begin for you? Does it
begin with your first published work, or before

I want readers to know who I am. And that means when I'm writing Christian fiction and mystery. I want others to see that writers can be multifaceted without confusing their readers. I want them to feel (especially if they have leanings to be a writer themselves) as if they can do the same thing; or at the very least, read various genres of books themselves.

What's up with your writing?

Do you write for you? For others?

Do you believe making lots of money equals writing success?
Are you still trying to find your place in the writing world?

Are you taking classes to perfect your craft?

Are you a new or an established writer trying to figure out how to market your book?

Questions are key to receiving answers, not only about your work, but about you personally, and what you envision for your future.

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