Friday, June 8, 2012

Can a Book of Poetry Sell?

I have written a little poetry through the years and have heard talk from die hard poets who say it's difficult, if not impossible, to sell their book(s) of poetry.

But I have a differing viewpoint. I think any book, even a book of poetry, if well-written and well-marketed can be sold.

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The truth is, these are your thoughts and feelings, your take on the world and how you function within it. It's your heart and soul concerning life, death, and chocolate.

I'd like to think that folks are out there interested in what you've written. And truth be known, many opportunities are available for poets that may not be available for the fiction novel writer.


A Poetry Reading
Reading segments of your poetry at a book signing. It is a bit harder to do this at a fiction novel signing because how do you choose what to share? A poem can be read from start to finish in one setting.

A Poetry Workshop
Talk about and share your work for about 15 minutes, then teach a class on writing poetry. Teaching a hands-on glass creates cohesion with the other poets. Everyone learns from one another.

A Poetry Share

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Put together a poetry event where poets can gather and share their work. Give each person a set amount of time to share so everyone has an opportunity. For additional fun, have each poet come dressed to the poetry share as their favorite classic poet.

A Poetry Group
Gather a poetry group that meets once a month or more. Share and sell your work and allow other poets to do the same. By helping others out the favor will be returned.

A Poetry Event
If you want to think even larger, get some poets together and put on a poetry event that will involve the community. Contact businesses to sponsor the event and connect with your chamber of commerce. Often, already established events like art shows are already in motion--see if your group can participate.

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A Poetry Conference
Teach a class, share what you have learned about poetry. Make your class stand out by offering to critique one poem per participant.

A Poetry Whatever!
Can you sell your book(s) at a local restaurant, hair cutting establishment, health food store, hospital, or book fair? Of course! Consider the focus of your book and then search for outlets in your community that might be interested in selling and/or doing a book signing.

As a poet, you know that it is really only a matter of thinking outside of the box that gets you the sales. In fact, it may even be said that not thinking of the sales but of the people you will be sharing with, is all you'll ever need to get the sales that can't help but follow because of your focus to change the world in your small way.

Here's hoping you'll do it!

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