Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Things First: Making Your Writing (and other things) Sing

I often get ahead of myself.

Instead of researching my next book, (I'm researching two right now), I want to get the stories started yesterday.

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Instead of making time for myself in the morning, gathering up the light to get me through the day (I am an avid journal and scripture reader) I often find myself washing the dishes.

Instead of spending time with family, I'm worried about the house being clean.

Instead of focusing on how I will help others this week, I am focused on how much money I'll be bringing in.

I have been thinking about focus in my life this week and I find that I am ALWAYS a happier camper when I remember first things first.

Research before book.
God before work.
Family before cleaning.
Service before money.

When I am in line with what is most important, I actually get more done anyway. I find that my day is more peaceful and full.

You may want to try it. 

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