Friday, August 24, 2012

Stuff Doesn't Just Get Written Without Some Work

I am amazed at how many people think that they can write a book but never lift a pen or work their fingers through the computer keys.

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I'm too busy, they say.
I have a real job that I have to get to first.
I'm probably not any good anyway.
It's just too hard.
Maybe when I retire.

If you're a writer like me, you may find yourself making similar excuses, especially after receiving some feedback.

I really don't like your main character.
Your book is boring.
It has too many mistakes.
I don't think you'll get enough readers for this book.
And so on...

It truly takes grit to be a writer, especially these days, when POD publishing is about as rampant as your next door neighbor's dog. Don't get me wrong, I AM a POD publisher, but I think it's important to put your best manuscript forward; that means all the tweaking and re-writing necessary before you consider publishing.

And while it is true that a great marketing plan will get your book out there faster, a well-written book will create in your readers a desire to come back for more.

So work hard, get your manuscript slicked up, and get some feedback.

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