Thursday, August 16, 2012

Writing on the Road


This post was created before my trip. I knew that I probably wouldn't get to it while I was out for awhile so I created this post early. 
Guess where I'm at? Photo by: sylvester75117, courtesy of Flickr

Don't you just LOVE technology?

If you read my previous blog, it was all about getting away from technology, and going on a trip has a way of helping you with that.

And so you know, because I don't have a SmartPhone, I will, in reality be leaving my computer behind for a solid week.

What does a writer do who doesn't have an electronic tap in?

Hopefully, she has a little fun, makes some memories, and keeps that journal in her purse or back pocket for just the perfect character, the perfect description, the perfect new book idea.

I plan on taking notes when I'm gone and sharing them with you when I return. Who knows? Maybe I'll have the next best seller scribbled down for future success.


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