Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Halloween Party to Die For

Every year my family gets together for a Halloween Party. We dress up, go out to eat in costume, then return home for a movie. This year the choice was "Men in Black."

I can't tell you the FUN to be had doing this adventurous activity.
Since our family uses another day other than Halloween to dress up in costume and go out to eat we get some pretty strange looks.

This year we went to Salt Lake City Burger Co.

And even though we were dressed as various goblins, we were treated with kindness, though with a bit of initial surprise.

It isn't every day that you see this:

At Salt City Burger Co.
At any rate, we enjoyed a great meal as onlookers stared and raised their eyebrows. It was a bit like being a celebrity, though I have never been a celebrity so I'm just guessing at the attention. We were also seated in a corner booth. I'm not sure if this was because of our number or because of (you know) our attire.

It occurred to me last night just like it does now, that experiences such as this can give us a clue into the heads of others. The experience can help us with our next book, or merely give us cause for reflection.

Like any off-the-wall FUN thing will do.

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