Monday, October 22, 2012

Taking Writing Breaks

A Writer on a mission is a bit like a man who has a hard time slowing down for his wife at the supermarket, or a wife who has a difficult time not picking up after everyone. You may personally find that when you're on your greatest and most focused missions, you're unaware of walking too fast or cleaning up too quickly.

I often have family tell me that it's time to slow down a bit. I need to make time for the most important things, which includes writing, but it's frankly not at the top of my list although I'm often making it so.

At times when my legs get ahead of me or when I find that I'm working on my latest writing project when I might be spending some time with my grandchildren, I'm happy when I'm made aware enough to stop.

Photo by: Dreamymo, courtesy of Flickr
I write the best when I've given myself some time for reflection, when I've spent some time playing or reading or taking a walk.

A writer on the best mission is one who thrives in balance, but since we're all working on that one, perhaps the best thing that we can do is to keep on trying.

If your friend tells you that she wants to get together for lunch but you're to busy to stop and take a couple of hours, perhaps you need to rethink your mission.

If your husband suggests a 'date night' but you say you're too busy finishing your novel...

If you find that you're stuck, or angry or frustrated, you just might want to take a break before going back to your writing.

It works.

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  1. Balance so important for any task we might find ourselves involved in...


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