Thursday, October 25, 2012


First snow storm of the year. I can't help it. Christmas is suddenly funneling through my veins.

Photo by HerryLawford, courtesy of Flickr
This morning my husband and I brought in the his and hers swing, some plants, a small children's table, and outside toys--all of them a mucky mess. My patio looks suddenly empty and larger than I remember it. And I am hoping to keep my spirits up as the days darken and cold enters through the cracks of my home.

But I do have a fireplace, lots of warm mittens and blankets stored up for just such an occasion.

And I have books.

I read more during the winter, don't you? The fall and winter seasons lend themselves to cuddling up with a favorite book and blanket. I often reread some of my favorites:

The Tao of Pooh
Gift from the Sea
The Power of Intention

Along with my favorites I like to pick up new books from the library and wander through bookstores like Barnes & Noble to their discount tables.

It's easy for the day to simply go by when it's snowing like today.

Perhaps I will begin anew an old read.


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