Monday, October 8, 2012


Sometimes I get carried away with my writing.

I get writing and marketing and publishing and I forget why all this is happening in the first place.

Photo by: paparutzi, courtesy of Flickr

And I want to thank him today for his many blessings. Because he does care about my writing, and he does care about your writing.

How do I know this?

God believes in using our talents. You know the stories...

The light on a candlestick. Is it placed to give light to everyone in the house or under a basket?
The talents that God has given you. Does God want you to multiple them or bury them in the ground?

Who are you?

If you believe that you are a child of God then you also know that all things are possible, because he makes all things possible.

And so today I thank God for all of the possibilities within me.

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  1. so true-I wrote about that yesterday on my blog...sometimes expectations take away our gratitude!


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