Monday, October 15, 2012

Is Image Everything?

I read a title to a post today: Image is Everything. You know, I couldn't even get beyond the title. I could only think, Is image everything?

I hope not.

I hope when you pick up that creatively designed book you also find that the read inside is worth the cover.

Photo by: Cassandra204, courtesy of Flickr
I hope when you meet an attractive someone, that you look beyond their obvious good looks and see if there's anything 'good' within them.

I hope that if someone doesn't attract your eye initially that you'll have the courage to take a second look.

I hope you don't judge a person on how they keep their house, speak to others, or if they go to church or not.

I hope you don't think a particular person is of higher class because they've got a nice house, a nice car, a new boat.

I hope you don't see the poor as a nuisance. I hope you don't see them as less than you.

Image has it's purposes. It allows us to wake up and see something or someone we might have missed. It may even keep our attention--get us writing. But if it's the only thing we look for, the only thing we want, it's like believing a billboard or a television commercial, or even an expertly crafted resume will tell us everything we need to know.

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