Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marketing Your Book on a Budget

Today's post will be short but I wanted to let you in on a new booklet I'm working on that should be out in the next couple of months.

UPDATE: Release date March 21! Paperback $5.98, eBook $1.99.

If you've read "Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2012" then you should have a heads up on what is currently happening with book marketing. If you haven't, consider getting the 2013 edition; if you have, know that the 2013 edition will be giving you even more.

If you've wondered about reviews, book signings, interviews (both radio and blog) book trailers that won't cost you a dime to produce, social media, contests, free advertising and more, you'll want to check back.

The first time around, "Marketing Your Book on a Budget" was produced in Kindle form only for .99 cents. I have since discovered that there are many readers who also prefer the paper version, so expect to see this addition in the next few months.

Once you've purchased one copy of the book through Amazon, (and you let me know per instructions at the end of the book) you'll be on the list and I'll send you updates every year without you having to purchase another book!

So keep in touch!

Happy writing!


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