Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Tips to Keep Your Blog Going

Honestly, there have been mornings I've had no idea what to write about.

Take this morning for example. And then I remembered a few of the tricks I've used before to get my blog going.
Photo by: Search Engine People Blog, courtesy of Flickr
1. I go to google and type in a word, any word that comes to my head. For example, when I wrote the blog Are You a Prepper? recently, I typed in the word, Prep. Other words that came up: prepaid phones, prepaid landing and preparation h. The interesting thing about this method is that you can really tie in most life experience to being a writer, and folks usually like reading about the life of a writer--could be, even the preparation h one.

2. What happened to me just yesterday or last week? If I focus on what I'm learning as a writer, as I learn it, the ideas are fresh and fun to share with others. I did this when I wrote: What is Real?
3. Sometimes I re post an earlier article that has been getting some great visits. My number one blog post is currently Vacation Ideas Worth Remembering. Interestingly enough, this idea came from idea #1 on this list.

4. Sometimes I've asked readers what they'd like to hear. I've offered a contest. I've asked some questions and received some feedback.

5. I try to keep my blog creative. When it's just easier not to put a picture up or a video, I've tried to resist this urge. People like to see photos and videos will catch their attention.When I decide to do a video, most of my blog is already done anyway. When I post a video I usually don't write much text, wanting those visiting my blog to see what's going on by clicking on the link to the video. Here's an example:

Keeping your blog going is not only about just putting something up, but making that something interesting, reflective, even life changing. And if you're putting out blog 5 days a week or more like I am, you need to apply some pretty interesting tricks to keep the words coming.

Have any ideas that you use to keep your blog interesting? I would love to hear them.



  1. I love that! There's nothing like getting out in the world and experiencing things so that when you return to your desk you have something to write about.


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