Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Writing For Beginners

Are you a beginning writer?

Many years ago I categorized myself as a beginner, and in many ways I still am.

Just 10 years ago I learned about marketing for the first time.
Photo by: Scinern, courtesy of Flickr
And just last year I managed to publish 4 books in one year and open a book publishing service company.

I am still learning. And I hope if you're a beginning writer like I am you'll also take a look at what you've accomplished and what is still to come. Setting goals is vital, but working on them daily is necessary to success.

Being a beginner is not a bad thing. It just means your eyes are wide open to learning new skills.

Have you never taught a class before? I taught my first writing class some 10 years ago, took a break while going to school, and then had to get up on the bicycle again. Tough.

I remember the first writer's group I went to. I was scared...spitless. But I went and shared my work. It was published work but I was still mortified. And I got through it.

Photo by Ned Richards, courtesy of Flickr
Your first book signing (if you haven't had one yet will be thrilling and scary) but after you do it once, it will be that much easier the next time. Your interview on the radio will be difficult, but you will find that after it's over that it was easier than you thought.

Are you a beginning writer?

I hope so.


  1. Every step and every word the beginning of what comes next... I signed my first book in a store at the end of the year, and I'm happy to be always beginning.

  2. I'm teaching a class locally on Write Your Life Story. It's free and I have 35+ students-sold 10+ of my book Find Your Voice: Write Your Life Story-it's a way to market that is quite successful and fun! I had printed 20 more books today.


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