Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best Linkedin Writing Groups

Recently, I have discovered the power of joining and participating in Linkedin writing groups.

I had a thought come to me that wouldn't leave me until I'd followed through: Share with those on your writing groups about your new book, Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2013.

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The idea seemed good; weren't all those in writing groups at one time or another going to be interested in how to best market their book?

And so I went in and spread the word.

Let me just say, word about my book spread like wildfire. In minutes people were chatting about it, asking questions, and telling me that they were going to go over to Amazon and get the book.

I was smart without really even knowing it.

I'd sent along this information, not at just any old time, but during my 3 day Amazon FREE eBook promotion.

I'm glad I fell into this idea, but I wanted you to know about it so that you could use it to assist you in your next book promotion. So, without further ado, here are my favorite Linkedin writing groups:

Aspiring Writers
Authors & Writers of Fiction and Non-fiction
Book Marketing
Books and Writers
Christian Authors, Editors, Publishers, and Bloggers

When you join with any of these groups, make sure that you participate, and that means asking questions of other authors, answering the questions they pose, and sharing your latest news or insights.

What makes a writing group great is the give and take of all of its members.

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