Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Interviewing to Promote Your Book

I speak a little about interviewing in my new book, Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2013. What is most clear to me is that obtaining a blog interview is much easier to get than a live interview, such as an interview through radio or television.

What is most important about the interview, however, is that you do as many as possible. For me, personally, I work on blog interviews first. These are not only the easiest interviews to set up, they are rewarding, too.

Consider a blog that has lots of visitors, and these visitors are looking for a new book to read. Consider the blog owner, a new friend, who may take a guest post after the interview, or who may decide to promote your book even further after the interview. Consider the links you can add and on and on.

Use your computer or your telephone to do blog radio interviews
Photo by: xmacex, courtesy of Flickr
Radio interviews come second; but I'm not talking about your local radio station, I'm speaking of blog radio. Blog radio is a terrific source for promotions. Most blog owners are just like you. They're either an author themselves or are trying to grow a new business. Either way or both, interviews with places such as blogtalkradio.com, offer authors a splendid opportunity to talk about their work in either a half an hour, an hour show, or even a fifteen minute spot.

Interviews can take place on the local radio station, during a short afternoon television spot or even as written up within your local newspaper, but I'll be the first to tell you that they're much harder to get. That doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot for them, but that you first consider what is realistic and workable as you move into these trickier venues.

In the long run, once you've interviewed on a blog or have done a few blog radio interviews, you may decide to do some interviews on your own blog, or try out blog radio for yourself, further expanding the opportunities to market your work.

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