Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wondering What's Next?

I don't know about you, but I'm continually wondering, "What's going to happen next?"

I'm talking books I'm working on (and I'm working on one at the moment), classes I'm teaching (I'm giving one tonight and another next month at the LDS Storymakers Conference in Provo, clients I am taking on (I've got two on hold and one coming later this week) plus a bunch of stuff that keeps happening that I really hadn't planned on.
The growth of a tree takes time.
Photo by: Nicholas_T, courtesy of Flickr

If you know about my husband's gallbladder surgery, you'll know a bit of what I mean. I am a wife, mother, a grandmother (my two grandchildren live with me) a church goer (I have a job there, too) and I sometimes wonder how I ever made time for writing.

No matter what anyone else tells you, if you love writing, you'll make time for it. Your writing won't sit on the back burner 24/7 and you'll make time for writing, editing, and publishing. You'll want to speak to others about the craft and take some classes.

And when you feel as if you can't do another thing, God will give you a break. It may mean that you get sick, or your husband gets sick, or you are so overwhelmed that you spend the day watching television or getting a pedicure.

Photo by: cstrom, courtesy of Flickr
But if you don't take some quiet time for yourself, be assured the time for thoughtful reflection will occur one way or another.

No boredom here. No wondering what to do with yourself. Because something is always provided. Something to keep you growing, like those little plants outside peeking out from the once frozen earth.

I love it.

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