Monday, April 8, 2013

Where Are Readers Getting Their Books?

If you read my post from last Friday, you'll know that the topic was getting readers to read your book. The survey offered some insights on where a writer's focus should be to obtain the most readers. Today, I want to talk about:
"Where Readers are Getting Their Books." This survey was done by Otis Chandler of And the survey offers some great ideas on where authors should focus their time and energy for the greatest success.

Here's the list:

1. Library
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2. Kindle
3. Amazon
4. Borrowed
5. Nook
6. B&N Store
7. B&
8. Gift
9. Apple iBooks
10. Independents
11. Costco/Target/Walmart

How important is getting your book into a library? Pretty darn important according to this survey, yes, even though the reader isn't paying for it. I've later purchased great books I've read at the library, and I have definitely told others about the books I like. Sure, my trusted friend might go to the library for the book as well, but they may also want their own copy.

When it comes to getting your book into the library, the feat isn't too difficult, unless you have a self-published book. But don't give up. It helps to know a librarian that can push it through.

And what about Kindle? So many readers now are not buying paperbacks, they are downloading the e-version. Is your new book available as an e-book?

I used to think that getting my books into Costco was a big deal, but looking over this survey I realize there are other areas more worth my time to focus on. Also, consider the book store. Many self-published authors have a difficult to impossible time getting their books into Barnes & Noble, so they try an independent bookstore. Still, readers aren't really buying books in independent bookstores, so where should an author's attention be focused?

Surveys are really amazing. What you think is important is suddenly shelved at the bottom of the list. You may even find that what you've been working hard on isn't really worth your time as compared to something else.

Another eye opener. Compare this list with the list I gave you on Friday and see what you can learn when you combine them.


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