Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aspiring Authors: Hard to Find

I know you are out there, I also know that you may feel as if what you have to say doesn't really matter; you're unpublished after all.

So, you know, while I have plenty of published authors willing and waiting to be interviewed on this site, such is not the case with aspiring authors.

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Tomorrows slot remains unfilled, and I may be asking my published authors to fill the Wednesday slots.

Maybe you're not interested in hearing about an unpublished author. Maybe you feel as if an author has to be published to have any wisdom to share, but I hope these same aspiring authors are just being shy, because we all have some wisdom to share.

Whether it be about writing, or grammar, or plots, or how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning to write.

What would it really hurt to get your name out there before your first book is published? What would it be like to share your writing journey, so that once you are published, you can reflect on where you've been?

I would like that. And I know you would appreciate it.

For all of you authors waiting to be published, I say, stop making excuses and email me at: kathy@ariverofstones.com.

I wait anxiously to hear from you!


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