Friday, November 22, 2013

Turkey Feasts Take More Than Gravy

Yes, I'm thinking of Thanksgiving again and preparing myself.

Let's see, I can just imagine the yams, coated with sticky, white marshmallows.

Photo by: chrisjbarker, courtesy of Flickr
And the stuffing...can't you smell it? It wafts though my daughter's house like spring, only it isn't spring...but you get my drift.

The turkey? I remember the first time I cooked one upside down. But it was still good.

Do you have rolls, just shining with real butter?

My husband makes a layered Jello salad with cranberries. I can taste them already.

Photo by: Andrea_R, courtesy of Flickr
And the potatoes, like short mounds of snow just waiting for the butter to be dabbed and the gravy to be poured.

Okay, I'm done.

If you're wondering why I shared this this morning, you may want to consider your own writing. How often do you use the five senses? How many can you pick out in what I have written above?

If you feel like the strength of your five senses is weak, try your own Thanksgiving list, and see what you remember through your five senses.

And enjoy!

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