Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Favorite Thing about Writing

I might not be Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music with the 'voice' and spectacular way with children, but I do know a little something about my favorite thing about writing.

Have you ever been to a therapist and paid loads of money to have him/her listen to your problems and help you through them?

I have.

But there came a day when I discovered something else.


Writing for me is not only about expressing myself, it's about healing. Through my characters I can express wants and needs, travel to wherever I choose without having to save up for it. I can lay down the law, open my heart, make some changes for myself even while I'm writing.

And it's like therapy.

Perhaps you write only to go through your own sort of therapy. Maybe you don't write for anyone but your children; your family. Maybe you write because you can't do anything but write. Yes, maybe you write to get published, but that's the icing on the cake isn't it?

The read stuff, the stuff you're writing every day will always be the best part, at least it will be for me. For while I love publishing and sharing what I have written with others, there is always that feeling of clarity as the words in my heart whisper through my fingers and come down--sometimes silently, sometimes loudly pounding as the words reach the keys on my keyboard.

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