Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Tommy from the Mason Jar Series

Tommy, you’re on the front page of every newspaper around here. This one says: THE MAKING OF A HERO. You've had a challenging couple of weeks running from hit men and trying to stop their human trafficking ring. What were you thinking when you saw that there were girls in the back of your semi-truck?

I was shocked. I couldn't believe what was happening to them was real.

Why did you go to such effort to help them?

Nobody should live in a cage, and whoever put them there needs to suffer a long time.

Would you have gotten involved if you had known how much trouble you’d get into?

Yes. When I saw them I kept thinking, ‘What if they were my sisters?’ I just had to do something to help them.

Tell me about your family. What was it like growing up in Mexico?

My dad was a mechanic and my mom had a jewelry store on the beach. When I was really little my older sister and I collected seashells from the tide pools for Mama’s business. I was about four when I started helping Papa in his auto body shop.

So is that what you enjoy doing in your spare time, working on cars?

I work on cars full time. I like doing it and I've always been good at it. If I had spare time, I’d be at the beach surfing.

Why did your family come to the US?

Cartels are running a lot of good people out of Mexico.

What was the worst day of your life?

I had three “worst days”. The first was when my parents got into the car accident that killed Papa and left Mama brain damaged. The second was finding those girls in cages, and the third was leading the traffickers’ hit men to Ashten’s house. I couldn't live with myself if Ashten or any of her family were
killed because of me.

I hear you and Ashten are close. Is there a future for you two together?

She’s the best thing that ever happened to me—that’s all I can say about that now.

Did she tell you about Irlen’s lenses and Scotopic Syndrome?


So these colored lenses you’re wearing, what do they do for you?
When I wear them letters don’t move. Who knew something like that could help people read?

Okay, my last question. Who do you look up to as a role model and why?

My papa. He taught me to honor my word, take responsibility for my actions, and to work hard for what I get. He showed me how to survive and provide for a family and go without when they needed something.


Thank you Tommy!

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How could trying to do the right thing turn out so wrong?

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