Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thirsty? Keeping Christmas

I don't know about you, but about this time I start feeling a bit thirsty for some well needed Christmas. I'm not talking about more shopping, or decorating, or even caroling, I'm speaking of the stuff that comes when you take a breather and just let the Christmas season sink in.

The true Christmas season.

Spend some time...

Because in-between all of the sparkling lights and new hose for the upcoming Christmas party, there yet remains those moments to savor; those when we are with Christ--alone, for a time, quenching that thirst.

Last night, I finally made the time to drink and I was filled.

And I thought this morning, as I got up to exercise and begin another day; boy, I'm glad I took the time to drink in all of the goodness of the Lord.

I'm never discouraged about that. Never. I never wake up and wish I'd spent the time doing something else like watching a show on television. Never.

I wake up, grateful that I've spent whose time with person whose month this is.

And I wish you the same experience.

Merry Christmas!

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