Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Money Left? Write a Christmas Letter

About now you might be finding your purse strings a little tight. If so, consider giving a thoughtful letter instead of a carefully wrapped gift.

It may mean more to the receiver. And to you.

There is something about receiving a homemade gift (even if it doesn't exactly fit, or fit in with your color scheme),or  receiving a service or a homemade card. Whether the giver has the money to spend or not, there's something truly magical to be said for the gift that comes completely from the heart.

I remember the year one of my daughters made me an ornament for the Christmas tree. She'd spent hours sewing the star together. She had just divorced her husband and had little money to spend. The star goes up every year on our Christmas tree, and I remember (every year) her thoughtful gesture.

Another year I got letters from my parents, plus some of stuff I no longer remember. I have saved the letters and re-read them.

Yet another year, a year when I had little children running around the house, we bought most of our gifts for each other from the thrift store. My favorite? An old doll house which my husband and I fixed up and gave to our children. The cost? Five dollars.

Maybe not having enough money sometimes is a good thing. It causes us to be creative, to think deeper than the bills in our wallet or our plastic credit card.

So if you're finding things a bit tight this year, and even if you're not, write a letter, (at least one) to a special someone in your life.

I'm going to.


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