Thursday, October 15, 2015

Getting the Most Out of Your Writing Time

Distractions. Phone calls. Last minute errands ....

Call them what you want (Right now I'm listening to my grandchildren play 'music').

If you're a writer like I am and have your office at home, you may find yourself scrambling for a bit of quiet when it comes to writing.

Christmas music?

Anyway, as I sit here, writing this blog post, all I can think about is Christmas. So, how can I get beyond the upcoming season and write?

You know it just hit me. Perhaps this is a sign to get a new Christmas short story out, or a Christmas book or poem. Hey, maybe what I'm hearing isn't really a distraction but a way for me to move forward in my writing life.

Getting the most out of your writing time can be an easy one if you let it.

Consider children at your feet. I've done this one - little worms crawling at her feet, squealing for yet another drink of punch. And that phone call, doesn't it come at just the 'wrong' moment, when the words are finally flowing from your fingertips?

"We don't have any milk!" the children scream. Is it really - breakfast? You must stop, gather the little ones up and take them to the grocery store for that needed milk. They are still in their pajamas and your hair looks like ...

Anyway, if you're feeling like I am today ... perhaps you're suddenly in the Christmas - spirit, wondering if your children will ever occupy themselves long enough for you to get a sentence out or if the phone will ever stop ringing, listen up.

You're getting material for your next writing project!

Happy Writing!



  1. I like the idea of taking inspiration from your distractions. My distracting kiddo inspired a lot of poetry over the years and provided plenty of fodder for juvenile characters and distracted mom characters. All of those little quirks provide depth to your characters...

  2. I love the word 'quirks' because they really do provide the 'depth' needed. Thank you for sharing.


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