Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

Last night I had the opportunity to say these famous words, at least famous in my own eyes.

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Peter Marshall

I love this quote, not only because it's true, but because it makes me think about what I'm standing for. When it comes to my writing do I expect the best from myself?

No, I don't need to be perfect, but I need to stand for what's true in myself as I write.

I don't write what's popular just because it is, or use phraseology that appears to be the 'norm'. I stand for something. I have discovered that there's always a niche who enjoy what I write and appreciate the clean language that I deliver.

A big part of the reason I've gone out on my own is that I'm not pressured into taking out or putting in what someone else thinks is important. Sure, it's always great to hear and sometimes take another's advice, but I feel I need to stand for something when it comes to my writing.

Who else will?

Consider for a moment, writing goals. Without writing goals, a writer may find that they're spending their time on other less worthy pursuits. Without some sort of writing direction, an outline if you will, a writer may find their dream has fallen from their grasp.

What do you stand for? Write it down. Post it somewhere where you'll see it daily. And stick to it.

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