Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ready for Christmas? What You Can Do to Sell More Books

Have a new book out for Christmas?

I do. And let me tell you, there's a thousand and one things I've been thinking about doing when it comes to getting my name out there for Christmas sales.

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Problem is, I  don't have the time or the money to do all of them, so allow me to share with with you what my body can actually handle.

1. I'm going to have an author signing for my new book in November. Why November? My book's a Christmas oriented book, and people are definitely thinking Christmas by then. The author signings I have for new books is always at my house, and this time around everything is going to be suited up for Christmas. What a great excuse to get those decorations put up early!

2. Book signings at craft boutiques. I'm doing two of them this year - one a two day, the other a four day stint. These are always successful.

3. Spreading the word through social media about my new book, and keeping it going until Christmas. You don't need to be a pest, but you do need to let your followers know that your book is out there. Sometimes I've even given away FREE eBooks on Black Friday. This increases my readership. What I hope happens here, is that someone gets my book for free, loves it, and then tells someone else about it who then buys it. Or the person who got the book for free decides to purchase some of my other books.

4. Make sure I'm keeping my blog up to date. I'm trying a new thing this year. For the entire month of December, all of my author and character interviews will be from authors who have published a Christmas oriented book. This can be for adults or children, but it must be a clean read. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU'D LIKE TO PARTICIPATE.

5. As always, I have some postcards handy to give out when I meet people at the bank, at the grocery store, or wherever else I happen to be.

6. I am also looking for reviewers. Get a free e-copy of my book for reviewing it. It's my way of saying, thank you! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU'D LIKE TO REVIEW MY BOOK.


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