Friday, December 27, 2013

What Do You Hope For?

When it comes to being a writer, we have hopes and dreams just like the next guy. And like the next guy, we may feel that our dreams are just that: dreams we hope for and wonder if they will ever come true.

Years ago I hoped I'd become a published writer, and my first article in a magazine was published. That was in 1987. More magazine and newspaper articles followed.

Later, I thought, why not a book? My first book was published in 2002.

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After that I wondered about attending college, so, putting my writing on hold (so to speak) I traveled almost daily to the University of Utah to finish my degree in Mass Communication. I graduated in 2009, and with that degree hoped to make a living in journalism.

But a (not so funny) thing happened that year. Newspapers were laying off staff members and no longer hiring stringers.

I hoped I could get another job. Perhaps at a magazine. Though I had a nice stint at Salt Lake Magazine as an intern, no job offer was issued.

And so the story went, me searching for something in the writing field and not finding.

A year later, I was discouraged and a bit older. I had traveled the lane of college in my 40s fully expecting a career. Sure, I had the degree now, and years of writing experience that I'd accumulated before that, but suddenly none of it mattered.

The career I'd hoped for never came. When my husband suggested I create what I wanted, I was aghast. And truthfully? I didn't believe creating a career in publishing (my long held dream) was really an option. It was a pipe dream really.

But here I am, and I'm glad I took my husband's advice. Idea Creations Press is a small company; I haven't hired anyone yet (other than my husband who works on the technical end) but I have hope that one day I will need editors, cover designers and more. I will no longer be able to work from my home. There simply won't be enough space.

But that's for the future.

What do you hope for?

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