Monday, April 9, 2012

Courage Writers, Courage!

This morning I am thinking about the courage it takes to be a writer.

For many years I didn't let anyone, and I mean anyone, read my stuff. When I did, it was my husband and family. They nodded their heads respectfully, but years later I realized something.

I really wasn't any good. And that was okay.

I had the courage to write, first. And then I had the courage to share it. And through the years of sending my work to editors, agents, other writers, and yes, even more family members, I have been able to grow as a writer. Has this affected my confidence?

You bet it has.

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But that doesn't mean I have 100% confidence in every aspect of my life. As you grow as a writer, so do those experiences in your life. Like a box with flaps, you step out, then walk down the drive, then get in your car, then travel to places you've only dreamt about.

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It takes courage to be a writer. It takes courage to keep writing after multiple rejections (and you will still be getting them even after you've been published). It takes courage to revise and revise again. It takes courage to hear, "I really didn't like that part of your book," when you know you've worked hard to make every scene count. It takes courage to speak in front of other writers and readers and it takes courage to keep writing when it would be easier to get a "day" job.

Being a writer means sharing your heart, your feelings, your strengths and weaknesses. It means going for the gold when all you see in front of you is a set of broken blinds. It means letting go of fear and saying how it is and being a writer no matter what anyone else tells you.

Being a writer takes courage and I know you can do it!





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