Saturday, December 15, 2012

Consider a Christmas Booklet

With all the good happening this Christmas, I can't help but reflect on all those great Christmas stories that get passed around during the season.

My friend, Sara Fitzgerald, put out a Christmas story this year entitled, Saving Savanna, and she is doing great with it.

One of the wonderful things about Christmas is the memories we make. With the memories we can either share the real deal, or incorporate truth and fiction like my friend did in her book. The good news is that if we get our feelings and experiences on paper when things are fresh; during the year we can work on our story and have it easily ready mid-year when we need to think about how we're going to get it out there.

Sara sells her booklet for $2.99. It has 9 pages, and tells the story of a father who has lost his wife, and the daughter who helps to heal the loss.

Other books on my Christmas shelf include:

Light of Bethlehem, by Julie A. Warnick, 29 pages
Christmas for a Dollar, by Gale Sears, 19 pages
A Christmas on The Other Side of Heaven, by John H. Groberg, 10 pages
She Shall Bring Forth a Son, by Susan Easton Black, 11 pages

As you can see the pages vary from 9 to almost 30, giving you plenty of space if you want your book a bit longer. Some of these books even include scripture references and are of the nonfiction variety.

Because Christmas booklets can really only be marketed say, after October to Christmas, it's a good idea to start thinking of places today that you'd like to visit. If you start now you'll have a fine list come June. Sara has done well at gas stations. The books are easily displayed in a turning display unit and folks during the holidays are always ready for a quick read to bring in the Christmas spirit. Other ideas for marketing include:
  • Independent book stores
  • Library signings, those that allow you to sell your booklets after a presentation of some kind
  • Malls, shopping centers
  • Christmas events such as the Simple Treasure Holiday Boutique that runs in November
  • A Christmas party at your home where you provide your booklets
  • Signings at 'gifty' stores like Hallmark
  • Keep in mind the theme of your booklet, and coordinate your book with a store that lends itself to your book's theme
When considering a Christmas booklet, think of the stories in your life that you've most enjoyed and why. The ones I treasure most make me think more about my life and what I am doing during the Christmas season. Am I thinking of Christ, or not?

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