Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Waiting For the Good Stuff

Often, we are so hopeful for the good stuff to come, we neglect to enjoy the good stuff that's happening to us today.

Why is it that some days we see it, while other days the good stuff just seems to be unavailable? When I find myself waiting for the good stuff, it's because I think my day is lacking in some way and I have to force myself to stop, drop and listen.

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Yes, that's what you do when there's a fire, (almost) but it also applies to writing. Good stuff, enlightening stuff can be a part of our day if we let it. We can't be too busy doing other things that might not really matter, we can't be thinking about our 'crummy' life, or the way someone treated us that made us feel small.
Photo by: spoon, courtesy of Flickr

We have to stop and be still. Drop, if you will, get on the floor and take a break. We need to listen. To our inner voice. To God. To our children. Maybe even to our husband without putting the wall up.

I have a great inner wall that keeps me protected when I don't want to hear stuff. The bad news is that when this wall goes up I usually don't hear the good stuff either; the good old wall is blocking it.

In my mind waiting for the good stuff to happen is like living in the future but never the moment. It's all about tomorrow or next week or Christmas. Boy, will I be happy then. But when I stop, drop and listen it's amazing the good stuff I find.

The stuff I hear is better than any wrapped present underneath the Christmas tree.

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