Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warning: You Could Find Out Who You Really Are

I recently made myself a part of another book signing. It was a day event, and an enjoyable one, despite the fact that I had a cold.

I like book signings, though I have a difficult time in those quiet moments when no one is in front of the table. And even if someone is in front of me, they may not want to hear my message. Some folks sample life but aren't always interested in what I have to offer.

These I know right away. Either they tell me they're not interested right off the bat (but not usually) or they pull away from my words either by walking away as I am speaking, or giving me that overcast look that reminds me of an inversion.

There are times I get clouded over, too, when I check out, so to speak. And then there are times I'm engaged, when the conversation turns from good to great and may even becomes a spiritual experience.

Photo by whologwhy, courtesy of Flickr
I had one of these at the last signing. It was simple really. All I had to do was to talk about one of my books, and the person was ready to hear what I had to say. There was instant connection, a lovely conversation, and a later purchase.

This is what an author wants. The connection that leads to a sale; but sometimes it doesn't happen. Sometimes, it's not time for the sale; what you have written isn't for the person standing in front of the table, and you have to be okay with that.

Not everyone is going to be interested in your writing (I've had enough book reviews to tell me that) and not everyone is going to want to spend their money on what you have to offer.

Book signings may not be your favorite thing. When they're not great for me it's usually because I am considering the end result instead of working on connecting with the person who may or may not be interested in my work.

In a second, and if I'm daring enough to look, I can see who I am at that moment and make adjustments. If writing for me has suddenly become about making money, I can quickly see that I'm losing ground and shift my focus to the connection that brings me the greatest joy.

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