Thursday, December 27, 2012

Writing in the New Year

What do you want for your writing in the new year?

I've previously written about organizing your writing life, but when it comes to actual writing, I wanted to share a bit more about goals and their realization.

I remember the day I realized that my goals needed to be written down or displayed for me to keep focused on them so that they might become a reality. I can also pinpoint the day I pulled my dreams off the wall.

What did the Lord want for me in the new year? What would be his focus if only I could ask him?

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The incredible thing is, I can ask him. And I want to place a little bug in your ear too. You can ask him.

When it comes to wanting what I want when I want it, I'm not always the best judge of when that should be. Making a list is good, but then relying on what I want without asking God for confirmation is like hiking up a mountain not knowing what trail will get me to the sought after lake.

This year has been a year of tremendous growth for me. I began a new business. Published 4 books, and pretty much spent endless days marketing what I'd written. And I've had some great success. This success has included the people I have met and the connections I have made as well as the money I have made.

I have learned that the inspirational or self-help book comes with the greatest joy, both for myself and for those I share it with. That with writing comes more opportunity to speak. And that writing, for me, will always be fulfilling, no matter what I choose to write about.

Photo by: Darcy McCarty, courtesy of Flickr 
This next year, I hope to make my journey in writing more fulfilling and focused because of who I'm taking with me up the mountain. And I hope you consider your own writing after you've written it down or displayed it for all eyes to see.

I hope you ask.

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