Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock

No kidding.

Music is one of those lovely or rambunctious things that will help you in those stubborn writing areas. Like the corners of your bathroom floor that you cannot reach, you may have a chase scene that is just not playing out, a need for some romance, or an inkling for a cowboy on his horse.
Photo by: BG3Photo, courtesy of Flickr

I love music. If nothing else, it can ease your mind and heart as you're writing.

I love to put in my ocean waves CD because it calms me as I'm writing. There are times the grandchildren need me and it's hard for me to maintain my focus. I've learned long ago that taking care of family far surpasses writing that next scene, but the music sure does help me to return to the scene after I've made that peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Photo by: Rebecca Dubell, courtesy of Flickr
You may have used music yourself to help you with a a scene or merely to calm your mind like I have, but you may not have considered how much better your writing can be by using it.

Music, for me, is sort of like a conduit to heaven. And if not heaven, into my soul, because life is full of opposition, and I'd like to think that this opposition continues in writing.

Because you're not always writing about the sweet stuff.

The next time you decide to write (I hope it's today) take out that favorite CD, or the CD that will best help you to get into the mindset of the ranch hand cavalier.


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  1. I listen to New Age music all day long via my cable tv hookup-it does sooth me.


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