Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 Great Sites to Help You Advertise Your Free eBook

Since I am gearing up for book promotion for my new book, The Feast, I thought you might be interested in knowing some of the new things I will be trying.

Photo by: DanieVDM, courtesy of Flickr
With my 3-day Free Promotion with Amazon, I have typically posted the news on this blog and to my social media friends. I have also given out the word to Morgen Bailey, who is always happy to post the free news in her 5 a.m. Flash page. But until recently, I had tried little else to help me get the word out when it came to promoting my eBook during the 3-day promo.

I have since discovered 2 new places that I'll be trying this time around. Here they are:

1) Freebooksy

2) Frugal Freebies (books and other free stuff)

When it comes to advertising, I rarely consider the paid variety, especially when there are so many free ways to get the word out.

Have any of you tried Freebooksy or Frugal Freebies? If so, I'd love to hear from you.


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