Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm All for More Reviews!!

Getting sick of it yet?

All those reviews that keep coming your way?

You may be sick of me telling you about them, but I'm happy to report I'm at 25 for Marketing Your Book on a Budget! If you haven't read a single solitary one of my reviews yet, here's yet another plug to do so.

And if you haven't purchased my book yet, well...

That being said, I have learned some important stuff when it comes to improving my book for the 2014 version. Some have been baffled because my chapters are so short. Others have wondered where my marketing plan is in all of this fun information.

Can I be honest?

I really didn't have a marketing plan.

Now, before you click me off right here and now, allow me to explain. Marketing Your Book on a Budget came about as I tried new ideas and re-experienced old ones. I didn't have a marketing plan because I had no idea how to set one up. I read some stuff on how to do it, of course, but everything was so heavy I didn't want to begin.

So, during the course of getting my newest reviews the last week or so, I came to realize something. I now had a marketing plan! It was created through my experiences of the last 2 years and will be a part of Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2014.

Now, don't get scared. This marketing plan will be the simplest, least draining plan you will have ever seen. You will still have time to write and go out to eat and spend time with your family.

You want a hint?

Well, okay. Put book reviews at the top of your list. Follow book reviews with social networking.
I have seen the greatest personal success within these two areas alone. 

Want more?

You'll just have to read the book.


  1. I bought your book, how do I get the update? I need a review for my new book being printed today!

  2. Do you want the 2013 update?

    Or, are you talking about the 2014 edition?

  3. I'll send you the 2013 version. And then when January 2014 comes I'll get you the other.


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