Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writing for Freedom

I am thinking of the 4th of July tomorrow and of all the freedoms I enjoy living in the United States of America.

Freedom of the press is really a big deal.

Photo by: ctj71081, courtesy of Flickr
Photo by: Chris Devers, courtesy of Flickr
Our freedoms may be lightly passed over (things usually are that we take for granted) and then one day our grand-daughter points at the American flag, and she keeps pointing all the way down the street as we pass by the large flags hanging at various businesses.

When I began my new business three years ago now, I was petrified. But today, clients are coming in and I am free to teach them in my home. I am free to publish my own books. I am free to publish the books of others.

I own my own home.

I own my own car.

I am free to come and go as I choose.

I might occasionally take my freedoms for granted, but I do appreciate all they have given me. I appreciate the men and women who have fought for our country. I appreciate those who have died for it. Wars happen and they will continue to happen to protect the freedoms that I cherish.

Writing for freedom. Have you ever considered the books you write a part of that freedom? What would it be like to be hindered from writing how and what you felt?


  1. It's true that we sometimes don't value our freedoms as we should. Imagine living in a country where people can't own a business or a car, or a house. What about living in the Middle East where women and girls can't go to school and married women can't go out without their husbands. These people have no opportunity for advancement. No way to realize their dreams. We are so much more blessed. I hope everyone thinks about those blessings and cherishes them.

  2. Kathryn, I've been doing author interviews and posting them on my blog. If you're interested in having an interview with me, please let me know and I'll send you some questions.

  3. Deanie, I would love to be interviewed! Send an email to: with your questions and I'll get them going.


  4. it is a day of appreciating our freedoms and having our air conditioner fixed!!


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