Friday, July 19, 2013

What Reunions Can Do for Your Writing Career

Beginning tonight with a dinner, the Tolman family will have officially started their reunion.

We were going to travel to Idaho, visit some of my father's old haunts, but decided to keep the reunion in town. That way we could get more family involvement as well as keep the reunion close to home. We have some of our family arriving from out of state, but more of us are here, and we have more fun going than a family could ever desire to do when it comes to entertainment.

Photo by: Purduepete, courtesy of Flickr
A well needed break.

As much as I love writing, we all need one. Not only because, as writers, we must get out of the house occasionally and drum up new writing material, but because we all need a respite from our writing career, even though we love it.

Something happens to a person who allows for moments of fun and reflection. Who takes the break when offered. Who knows that he/she will be a better writer because he/she has taken a break.

Sure, I'm patting myself on the back, because it's not easy for me to take a break. I get so involved in writing and marketing, that days can go by without me taking a breath of fresh air.

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And then one day it hits me.

I either get physically sick, like I was this week, or I stop to smell the roses. You remember what they are. Those prickly stemmed tender blooms that open in almost every color imaginable.

Imagine that.

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