Friday, July 12, 2013

Picture Binders: When Writer's Block Strikes

They were old, but being old didn't matter.

One wore a suit and roughened brown boots; the other, his green and brown checkered jacket and gray pants. Leg warmers caressed his legs and fit into his boots. The second wore gloves and a hat. The first looked as though he'd just left the office. No gloves, no hat.

The snow was crisp against their feet and hard packed, and the skies were filled with white puffs, matching the mountain peaks. It was cold but they hardly new it.

It was the memories that kept them going; that made them strong enough to handle the old skis carried across their shoulders, that kept them dreaming...

Photo by: Jennanana, courtesy of Flickr
Okay, I had one of those mornings when I had no idea what to write, and so, rather than being mind blocked, I took out my binder of pictures and chose one.

I'm not saying that the above rendition of the two men is great, but it did open the pathways for me this morning. What was in one moment snow packed earth, is now melting and making room for writing.

Is it like that for you today?

If so, perhaps it's time to make your own picture binder. Just go through some old magazines, and choose some photos that strike you. I've got mine in plastic sleeves. Put them in a binder in no particular order.

One morning when the muse is gone, you can work through the writer's block quickly.


  1. Good idea, Kathryn and I'm glad it helped you.

  2. another suggestion-Julia Cameron's morning pages daily 3 pages handwritten about nothing or everything has certainly helped me through the years get unblocked as I eventually write about what's on my subconscious mind.

  3. I have looked over Julia Cameron's book. She has some good ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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