Friday, August 23, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Memory Lake

What happens when nine friends gather to spend summer camp at Memory Lake?

All the things you remember.


"My body had stiffened into a permanent cringe as we pressed deeper into the muck. Our limbs slicked across layers of soggy sediment and masses of roots so compacted we barely disturbed the leaves above. This gnarled growth pulsated against our scalps as busy inhabitants transmitted waves of vibration into the air. Thousands, perhaps millions of cicadas and crickets insulted us in a cloud of noise..."
"Christie grabbed a handful of marshmallows and squished them to resemble cottage cheese. She pulled repeatedly until the mash smoothed into lustrous taffy. 'Yum!' she announced, stretching the gleaming band..."
"It's a warm rain, though," Lori said, shrugging her shoulders and kneeling on a garbage bag. She took a bite from a cold hot dog and shot it toward me. It wiggled grotesquely like a dead, amputated finger. "Could be worse." She grinned. "It could be snowing..."
Wrapped with everything good you expect from a memoir, Memory Lake, by Nancy S. Kyme, is filled with fun, friends, camp counselors, a smattering of spiritual moments, and the truth about getting your feet wet.
A lengthy book, 435 pages, this reader had to finally put it down and go on to other projects. Though poetically written and visually appealing, I found it a bit long for my tastes.  After 141 pages, I missed the tension and building climax offered in a typical fiction novel.
My suggestion?

Take this book with you on your next sea side vacation. Though captivating, you need time to relax and simply enjoy the pages. Something I didn't have.
Perhaps I'll finish Memory Lake on that dream vacation to the Oregon coast.  

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