Friday, August 9, 2013

Full Plate? How to Balance Your Writing With Your Life

I have been thinking about this subject for a long time, and may have already written about it in a previous post, but the thought of having a full plate came up for me again last night.

In this life, there are many and varied opportunities; many of them good. But that doesn't mean you must tackle each and every one you encounter.

Like writing, life is filled with these choices. And like writing, you must be open to weeding out and taking in.

Balance is often a difficult place to find. And I think this is because so much of the 'daily' stuff is always vying for our attention. The trick is, not to get overwhelmed with it all but to make time for writing, for family, and for personal renewal.

Photo by: Shira Golding, courtesy of Flickr
Sometimes the dishes can wait.

One of my favorite singers is Hilary Weeks. She's a Christian singer who has a song about this very thing. About not washing the dishes in favor of spending time with her loved ones The song's called "If Only I had Today." Click here to read the lyrics. Listen to the song here.

Do yourself a favor. If you feel as if your plate is full with all you have to do, both writing and otherwise, take a moment and just take the song in.

Have a great day!


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