Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seeing Your Writing

This might sound like an opaque subject, but seeing your writing for what it is isn't always easy. You have a few critics; those that don't like your writing, and a few raving fans, those who say they like everything you've written.

Seeing your writing like it is, is a bit like "looking through a glass darkly." There are times you feel as if you've just about made it, other times you wonder, "Have I been wasting away my life doing something I'm not really good at?"

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You may have received writing awards of some kind, had a book published, been asked to speak at writing groups...still, that nagging sensation won't leave you alone.

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For me, knowing where I'm at in writing takes introspection. And while it's nice to get kudos from others and even negative reviews from others, in reality, it's what I think about my writing that really matters. And what I think can help me to make the necessary improvements.

Do I struggle with setting, or is it dialogue? And how can I improve?
Do I use the five senses, easily, just like I do in real like when walking the mountain path, or does this aspect of my writing need work?
What about plot? What about grammar? What about theme?

I don't know about you, but I feel as if I'm always learning something new to help me in seeing my writing more clearly. Sure, a well-meaning critique can help, so can a writing class, but in the end it's about seeing my writing, really seeing it. I need to let go of excuses. I need to let go of feeling sorry for myself. I need to hold my chin up and keep writing. I need to keep learning.

Perfection isn't possible, but improvement is.


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