Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marketing: The Tough Part

Today I received another 5 star review for my book, Marketing Your Book on a Budget. It reminded me of how important it is to market my work, because, after all, no one is going to know that my book is in existence, if others don't talk about it.

I wanted to focus today specifically on the reviewer who reviewed this book, and share some good things that she accomplished on her blog that you can do on yours to bring in the readers.

1. The photo of my book is large; probably the largest I've seen on a website. And this is good if you've got the space. There is no missing it.

2. The blogger has included a brief description of the book; something short to give readers a heads-up on what the book is about.

3. She has also included many links. Not only within the copy, but at the end of the article. People love to clink on links.

4. There is also an excerpt of my book. Read the first few pages of my book (including links that I have added in the copy) for free.

5. My book trailer is included; something most bloggers don't add, (including myself). But what I know about trailers is that people like to watch them.

6. Her review is included.

7. The post ends with my own thoughts about how and why I write.

Many writers consider marketing the hard part about being an author, and while I agree, I also think there are many, many things a writer can do to get their work out there that aren't so tough. Here's a link to the post.


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