Thursday, August 1, 2013

Writing for Beans: Can You Really Make Money at Writing?

Do you ever feel like you're writing for beans?

I mean, you may make a little money here and there, but it could never support you. But you keep writing. Why is that?

I don't think there's any question about the answer.

You write because you love it. If you write for beans (or for money) you may find yourself running out of steam before you've frankly even got started.

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When I began writing years ago I made a few beans during the first five years, but this didn't include a published book. And once the book was published, I actually lost money because my book cost too much, I paid too much for the copies and I did most of the marketing. When the rights were bought back for the book, I made a bit more money and got myself out of the red.

But it was still beans...

Today, I actually make a part-time living at writing. I sell a few copies of my books monthly and have taken on some writing clients.

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Will I ever make a full-time living?

That remains to be seen, but what I know right now is that the beans add up. Just get yourself a jar and count them up for yourself. Every time you make a sale. Every time you make a new connection that may purchase in the future. Every time you market. Every time you write, add another bean.

Writing for beans may not make you a millionaire, but it will bring you some pretty fine treats. And yes, these treats do add up.


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