Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Have You Lost Your Get Up and Go?

Today, an awful swarm of invisible bees attacked me.

No kidding.

And now I am swimming in mucky-muck in the mash of life, wishing for my life to be different, including people that want me too much, and jobs that seems endless and fruitless.

It isn't enough to try my best, it's almost as if I have to try harder than my best, and that, somehow, I have to be superhuman or superwoman.

You may remember her. Her name was Wonder Woman, and boy, was she a wonder. She managed a job, and, at the same time, conquered those evil villains as if they were merely flies stuck to fly paper.

If that last sentence doesn't make sense to you, I don't think it makes sense to me either.

But nothing makes sense to me this morning, and when my husband told me to have a good day, all I could think about was just getting through it.

I guess I've lost my get up and go.

Still, because I've had other mornings like this when all I've wanted to do was stay in my bed, I know that this swimming in the muck is only temporary, and soon enough I will be up and going again.

As I hope you are.

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